Accepted Applicants

How do I ensure my banking information is safe?

The SRECDelaware site is protected by a 128 bit SSL security certificate and all account transactions are conducted using an SSL secured connection with data stored in an encrypted database. You can verify that a proper SSL connection has been established by looking for the green indicator in the URL section of your browser bar with a locked lock symbol followed by “” This indicates that you are connected to the legitimate SRECDelaware website run by InClime on behalf of the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility, and that your data is encrypted before being sent over the internet.




How do I enter meter readings?

Detailed instructions on how to enter meter readings can be found here.

How do I receive SREC payments?

All SREC payments through the SRECDelaware program are remitted by direct deposit. We do not issue any paper checks. For instructions on how to enter your payment information, click here.

I have extra SRECs in my account, how do I sell them?

If you look at your account summary page you might see additional SRECs available for sale. All of these additional SRECs are outside of your contract commitment through the SRECDelaware Program. There are two main reasons you may have SRECs in this category. The first is if you created SRECs prior to the start of your contract. All contracts begin in June of the year you entered the program. Any SRECs created before this date will not be sold through the SRECDelaware program. The second reason you may have additional SRECs is if your system created more SRECs than your contract required. The SEU will always purchase an additional 10% of your SRECs on top of your required SRECs but is not obligated to purchase anything over the additional 10%.

Any additional SRECs which are outside of contract commitment can be sold by the system owner however they would like. Once you secure a buyer for these SRECs please send us an email to letting us know you would like us to transfer these SRECs for you. In the email please include the following information:

  • Facility name
  • Location
  • Date of SREC generation
  • SREC quantity
  • SREC buyers GATS account

We will be able to transfer the SRECs for you with 1-2 days.

I have forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

Instructions for resetting your password and then changing it to a personalized password can be found here.

I need a revenue grade meter installed, who can perform this installation?

All systems in the SRECDelaware Procurement Program must have a revenue grade meter installed.

Below is a list of Delaware solar installation companies who are able to install revenue grade meters for those systems who do not have them:

Company Name Phone Contact Email Website
Clean Energy USA (302) 227-1337 Lyn Mox
CMI Electric (302) 731-5556 Dale Davis
Green Street Solar (800) 834-5196 Russell Pfaller
KW Solar Solutions (302) 838-8400 Dale Wolf
Advanced Solar (302) 731-1000 Sarah Ruane

*If you are a solar installer and would like to be included on this list, please contact SRECDelaware and we will add you to the list.

What happens if I sell my house?

The solicitation contracts are assignable and the seller can assign the contract to the new home owner by simply filling out and signing the necessary assignment forms. All forms are listed below. Click the name of each document to view and download the form.

The following three documents need to be completed, signed, and returned to the the SRECDelaware Program Administrator:

1. The SEU Assignment of SREC Transfer Agreement Form: This form transfers the SRECDelaware contract from the previous homeowner to the new homeowner. It needs to be signed by both parties.
2. The GATS Ownership Change Form: This form will be sent to PJM-GATS to authorize them to change the system ownership. This form needs to be signed by the previous homeowner and the new homeowner. Along with this document we will also need a copy of your official settlement paperwork. The HUD-1 closing form, a new deed, or any other official settlement documentation will satisfy this requirement. You can redact any information on this form you would like besides the property address and the two signatures.
3. The Schedule A Form: This form needs to be completed and signed by the new homeowner only. This form assigns the SREC Delaware Procurement Program as the aggregator of the system and allows us to create and trade SRECs on the homeowner’s behalf.
These three forms can be returned to the SRECDelaware Administrator by email or fax. Our email is and our fax number is 443-906-1180.

The following document needs to be completed and returned to the Delaware Public Service Commission:

4. The Ownership Change Form for the Delaware Public Service Commission: This form authorizes the Delaware Public Service Commission to update the owner of the system.  This form needs to be signed by both parties.

This form will need to be completed and mailed to the Delaware PSC along with a $25 dollar check for the filing fee. You can make the check out to the Delaware Public Service Commission and mail the document to them at:
Delaware Public Service Commission
861 Silver Lake Boulevard
Cannon Building, Suite 100
Dover, DE 19904
What is an SREC and how are SRECs created?

SREC stands for Solar Renewable Energy Credit. One SREC is created when a solar generator creates 1 MWh (1,000 kWh) of electricity. As a participant in the SRECDelaware Program you will create SRECs by submitting your solar meter reading each month to the SRECDelaware Administrator. These meter readings will be submitted online through the SRECDelaware online portal. You can submit your meter reading anytime between the 1st and the 15th of the month. SRECs are generated and sold separately from the actual electricity produced. The number of SRECs produced is not affected by net metering or the amount of electricity used on-site.

What is the SREC minting and payment schedule?

SRECs are minted by PJM-GATS on the last day of every month. The SRECDelaware program administrator initiates the sale of the newly-created SRECs on the first business day of every month. From the date the payments are initiated it typically takes 2-3 weeks for the payments to hit the customer’s bank account. You can check the status of your SREC payments at anytime on your SRECDelaware dashboard.

Application Process

How do I get answers to questions not addressed here?

Questions can be submitted at any time here.  All questions that are submitted will be posted in the FAQ or Announcements section of the SRECDelaware website so that all bidders have access to the same information.

How is my contract price determined?

All applications are competitively bid. Contracts are awarded at the price bid plus Delaware parts and labor bonus if applicable. In the following scenario there is only room for two contracts, but three facilities have bid.

Facility A bids in at $100/SREC and has Delaware parts and labor. Facility B bids $50/SREC without Delaware parts and labor. Facility C bids $110/SREC without Delaware parts and labor.

Facility A is awarded a contract of $100/SREC but is paid $120/SREC for the first 7 years. Facility B is awarded a contract of $50/SREC and is paid $50/SREC for the first 7 years. Facility C is not awarded a contract.

Contracts are awarded to lowest bidders, ranked by “bid price,” regardless of the Delaware parts and labor price adder.

I have a winning application, what do I do now?

Detailed Instructions on how to set up your account can be found here.

I just completed my application, however the “STATUS” section is only showing the application as 75% complete. Am I missing something?

No, if you don’t owe a bid deposit. Yes, if you do owe a bid deposit.  All applications initially show 75% complete when submitted by the applicant. They will switch to 100% once SRECDelaware staff has verified the application complete and any necessary bid deposits have been received and credited. Bid deposits are required for facilities that do not yet have Delaware certification number.

When do I need to submit the bid deposit for my application?

Bid deposits for applications are due by 5 PM on the last day of the auction period. For the 2018 Auction all bid deposits will be due by 5 PM on August 3, 2018.

Will I have a better chance of winning if I enter my application early in the bid window?

All tiers of the 2014 solicitation will be determined by bid price. There is no bidding advantage gained by entering a bid early in the May 5th to May 23rd  bidding window. However, we encourage you to enter your bid as early as possible since that will give us time to identify and work with you to correct any errors or omissions. Also, keep in mind that bid deposit wires must be initiated by 4:00 PM EST on Friday, May 23rd.

Program Rules

Can I enter again if I did not qualify in a previous year’s Procurement?

Yes. All bids must be re-entered, but systems that applied and were not accepted in previous solicitations are free to enter again in this solicitation.

Can I enter multiple bids for one location?

Only one bid can be entered for all the systems on a given parcel. If several systems have already been built on a parcel, they should all be bid as a single system.

Can systems located in a muni or co-op service territory participate?

Yes. Any system with a DE certification number can participate.

Do I need a revenue grade meter on my system to apply?

No. Systems simply need to have a revenue grade meter installed once they’ve won a contract. They do not need a revenue grade meter installed to bid.

By selecting that a given system has a revenue grade meter on the application, you are committing to having a revenue grade meter installed for any SRECs delivered under contract (SRECs produced from June 2013 production onward).

Do I need an interconnect agreement to bid?

No. Proposed systems bidding in the “N” tiers do not need to be interconnected prior to applying. Systems without a DE certification number must provide the required bid deposit. Accepted systems have one year after the solicitation closes to complete their projects.

Do you accept applications from solar systems in (PA, NJ, VA, FL….)?

All systems applying for the Delaware Procurement program must have a Delaware certification number for their solar array, or obtain a Delaware certification once the array is built.

I am bidding on an RFP to build a system, can I enter it into the solicitation even though I haven’t won the RFP?

There is a bid deposit requirement of $100/kw for all proposed systems that do not have a Delaware PSC certification number by the time the solicitation bidding closes. All systems must be completed within one year of the solicitation or be subject to forfeiture of this bid deposit. There is no requirement to demonstrate site control for any bid, however bidders run the risk of losing their bid deposit if they bid on a speculative project that is not completed within this one year limit.

I have a leased system on my home with a 15 year lease term. Can I still apply?

First, any host facility with a leased solar array is cautioned to ensure that they own the rights to the SREC stream from that array before bidding. Winning bidders are responsible for providing SRECs for the entire 20 year term and bidders should resolve any doubts regarding their ability to fulfill the contract term prior to bidding.

Is a Delaware Parts and Labor Bonus paid in years 8-20?

Yes. Systems will be paid based on their DE labor and equipment status throughout the term of the contract.

Which facilities are eligible for the Program (who can participate)?

Any facility with a Delaware certification number ratifying its eligibility for the Delaware market may participate. Delaware certification numbers are issued by the Delaware Public Service Commission (PSC).

A typical Delaware certification number uses the following formats:

1) Without Delaware parts and labor = DE-#####-SUN-00
2) Only Delaware parts = DE-#####-SUN-P0
3) Only Delaware labor = DE-#####-SUN-0W
4) Both Delaware parts and labor = DE-#####-SUN-PW

Facilities installed before 2010 will not have a “P” or “W” designation unless they have applied to the Delaware Public Service Commission for a revision. Facilities without a “P” or “W” designation will need to add “00” to the end of their certification numbers.
Will there be another program next year?

The Delaware Public Service Commission each year must approve Delmarva Power and Light’s (DPL) filing for the solicitation. Another filing will need to be approved before running subsequent solicitations. The Delaware Renewable Energy Taskforce has been legislatively assigned to review and recommend changes to the design of the solicitations. Each year they review the results of the solicitation and incorporate any lessons learned in to the next solicitation. This review process begins immediately after the solicitation is complete with public meetings running for several months afterward, eventually leading to the next year’s filing. A similar process can be anticipated for this year.